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Race & Healthy Weight

So much is said about race weight, but what about the inverse to the extreme. Over 22years of Personal Training I can think of 3 racers that started to take brining their race weight down too far. But over those years I have seen more than 10x's th...

Giving to Others

Often others may make comments to you that make you feel guilt for taking care of yourself. First off, it is proven that one's self needs to be taken care of before they can truly give. Secondly, we know different. Health and fitness is so valuable to y...

Commitment to Self

As the holiday season hits so many are looking to entertain, meet up, go to events to support those to close to you, buy gifts, travel, etc. Now how are you making sure you are taken care of. Now should this list really just be in the holiday season,...

Weight Management Strategies

TFP Coaches has been successfully helping clients manage their weight for a long time. We use the current science and phycology along with the understanding of the different clients we are presented with.

On the calorie burn side of the equat...

USAT TRI Nationals, Why Not?

As the 2019 summer comes to an end, many are planning out 2020. If you haven't heard USAT TRI Nationals are coming to Milwaukee in 2020. With many regions in the US, it may be rare, if not ever again to be with in 50mile as they tend to rota...

Why did you start?

How many years ago did you really start? Really think back, why did that first day happen? Over the years we have seen many start and they share their motivating story with us. We have seen some common reasons. Many are inspired by someone they see th...

Burning Fat

For 12years TFP has been testing fat usage and coaching clients how to match their nutrition to their fat burning goals. As an endurance athlete it is so important to be able to last in an event over than 2hrs and handle common training of a week by using fa...

Power of Group

For 14 years TFP has been offering outside group programs for run and TRI. We have seen so many positive benefits along with helping those participating reach their goals.

-Coached Components-skills, fueling, intensity & mental aspects

-Key Quality Workouts...

Dreaming of Speed

Speed or going fast in the swim, bike or run doesn't just happen because you want it or register for races. Speed it developed by effort in many aspects of your behaviors:

-Maintaining Race Weight/Body Composition-if you don't have the right amount of m...

Feeding Your Fear 

As you set your sights on new goals and training sessions, if your fear getting the best of you, resulting in losing your self control with food? Are you making sure every mitochondria in your muscles is at its' max carb stores?

This can lead to many p...

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