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Whether your goal is activity at a high or low altitude or you only care about feeling good, training the body with altitude without traveling or living in Colorado can be hard. The Fitness Pursuit Studio has the Hypoxico Altitude Training System to help you reach your goals. Adaptations the body produces is a higher VO2 Max, improved filtration, greater fuel storing, recovery improvement and reduced fatigue. For more information see the Hypoxico site.

Protocol suggests 3 times a week for 4 weeks at about 80% Oxygen level to achieve adaption. Here is how the service works:

  • First timers pay $150 for 8 weeks and $75 for your reusable mask which includes a coaching session to understand the system and take care of paperwork.

  • Repeating users pay $100 for another 8 week usage.

  • The 8 week design is to create less stress on the normal training regime.

  • Suggested dosage is 3 times a week.

  • Suggested progression is to gradually lower Oxygen level to 80% over the first 3 weeks while increasing duration from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

  • From week 3 to 8 you will maintain around 80% based on training and symptoms.

  • Both active and non-active use of the system can be done. However, we find active can be challenging to organize so most athletes do non-active intervals.

Many have asked why would you do this. If you want to perform, many of the worlds best endurance athletes have moved to the US high elevations including the USA training center. Altitude training is used to assist many with a higher level of wellness with regards to different disorders.

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