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recovery AIR BOOTS


The RecoveryAir used to be available for medical use and by prescription. The system speeds recovery by assisting in flushing the legs to remove the fluid and toxins while feeding with new nutrient rich blood. For more science see the Recovery Air site.




Using them helps! The system gradually fills from foot to upper thigh to push out, build up and then release to allow blood to flush through. This repeats over and over for the duration of your session. Here are the applications:

  • Before a Massage- 15-30 minutes before your massage, the Recovery Boots will allow your body to be warmed up, lose and have less edema to make for an efficient & more effective massage.

  • Before a workout- 15-30 minutes before a workout will reduce the warm-up time that often is needed  by warming up the legs and flushing out post workout build up

  • After a massage- 15-30 minutes will help you flush out the toxins that often build up after the massage and lead to soreness

  • After a workout- 20-30 minutes will help you flush out the toxins and edema that build up and delay recovery leading to a reduced quality and number of good of workouts

  • Middle of day- 40-60 minutes in the middle of the day will help you recover from the last workout. Your body has built up toxins and edema from your workouts, limiting what you can do in the future

Sizes-based on height:

  • 75’s=5’0″-4’7″

  • 85′s= 5’9″-4’10″

  • 95′s= 6’2″-5’4″

  • 105’s=6’5″-5’11”



$100/8 weeks unlimited use

You can also buy your own and then shipped to you for about $1,200 here.

Appointments are currently made through Coach Matt. Please email him with your size and time request. An online scheduler is coming very soon!!

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