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Swim Training Center

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
STC 5yr old

STC 5yr old

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7 year old swimming at The Swim Training Center of The Fitness Pursuit

7 year old swimming at The Swim Training Center of The Fitness Pursuit

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Swim Training Center Age 7

Swim Training Center Age 7

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Adult STC

Adult STC

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  • 2 Dual Propulsion Endless Pools

  • 2 changing rooms

  • 2 personal showers

  • bathroom

  • controlled & clean atmosphere(no bugs, sun, cold, lightning, etc)

  • Water temperature controlled


  • Personal to small group coaching sessions to work on form and/or intensity

  • Video Taping analysis

  • Underneath and overhead mirrors

  • Group Programs for children and adults from learning to swim to learning to get fast

  • Rentals of lanes during staff office hours

If you would like a:

  • Coaching sessions $80/hr - 1 person $100/hr - 2 ppl or $125/hr 3+more ppl.

  • Group Program($110/hr or $100/30min per 6 weeks), see Registration page

  • Rentals, see Registration page


Preparation before joining 1st 6week Class

As a coaching team we recommend all ages have individual sessions, especially those new to swimming like a 4 to 5 year old and adults that have never swam non stop. Contact coach Matt to be paired up with a swim coach.

Youth Levels focus & mastery areas:

Level 1-safety talk, face in water, walking in the water, changing direction, taking breaths, bobbing and transitioning from assisted to on own- front & back float, kicking on stomach, back and arm stroking

Level 2-safety talk, jumping in, retrieving from bottom, gliding on front & back, treading water, front & back stroke, timing breath and breathing to the side

Level 3-safety talk, technique improvement for all 4 strokes with the Endless Pool Current

Level 4-safety talk and tolerating speed workouts designed for advanced swimmers(similar to adult swim speed but designed for youth distance goals)

Coaches will suggest the appropriate  level for the youth. Additional swim practice is recommended whether with parent or coach.

Adult Level focus areas:

Level 1-learning how to swim confidently from no ability to swim

Level 2-technique improvement for freestyle swimming with already having ability to swim

Level 3-tolerating speed workouts designed for advanced swimmers(aka swim speed)


1156 E. Washington

Grayslake IL 60030

Across from the CLC and next Jimmy Johns in Washington Square

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