December 2019

Giving to Others

Often others may make comments to you that make you feel guilt for taking care of yourself. First off, it is proven that one's self needs to be taken care of before they can truly give. Secondly, we know different. Health and fitness is so valuable to you, that you do your best to help others as you see they need and is appropriately timely.

There are many ways we see you all helping others:

-modeling behaviors and success for your those around you

-inviting them to join you in workouts and races

-meeting them to talk about how to get started

-passing down cloths that don't fit

-passing on old equipment to get them started

-bring them in as a guest to workouts

-buying them gift certificates for gear and services

December Specials


Buy a Gift Certificate for TFP Services for a Non-TFPer Get a Free Box of Bars*


Buy a TFP Top get a FREE TFP Hat*

*Check or cash only

Register for clinics here

Metabolic Mastery

Sun Dec 15th 4pm

Clinic will help you understand how daily nutrition, fueling and training plan help you burn fat to have the performance & body composition that is possible for both at rest and during exercise along with how it impacts your health today and longterm with chronic disease

Warm Flow Yoga

With CYT Audrey Craddock

Tu Dec 24th 915am

Get your spot for this one time session.

YOUTH Workouts

Sat Dec 14th 10:30am- Run & Weights

Fri Dec 20th 415pm- Run & Swim

Sat Dec 28th 845am-Bike & Movie

Mon Dec 30th 1030am- Run & Weights

Sat Jan 4th 11am- Run & Swim

See TFP Facebook page for January Nutrition Challenge weekly clinics, coming soon!

Winter 2020 Programs -

Clinics & Programs for many goals

Nutrition Challenge Month is January


Month Includes- dotFIT Multi-Vit and Lean MR, Weekly Weigh In, Weekly Challenge, Food Log Review in of a week, 4 Nutrition Clinic Registration(Eating for Wellness, Supplementing, Metabolic Mastery & Food Log Review) and 2 Body Fat Assessments.

Goal-to reach your body composition goal, feel better and perform greater.

CPR Cert Class @ TFP

Sat Dec 21st 10:30am

We have a few spots that anyone can join.

Email to confirm your spot


-bring a friend to a class or Personal Training Session

-they can do 1 of each with you or someone else

-must confirm drop in with Coach Matt

-must confirm joining Personal Training with your Trainer

-must fill out a TFP Medical Waiver from website

-IF CT is full, Coach will give up their spot this month for 1 person

-IF STC is Full, you must be willing to split the time with them some way

Holiday Workouts

Dec 24 7am 2hr Salt Stick & Zym Compu Trainer Ride

Dec 28 630am & 845am 2hr Salt Stick & Zym Compu Trainer Ride

Dec 31 530am & 745am 2hr Carbo Pro & Zym Compu Trainer Ride

Jan 1 8am 2hr Carbo Pro & Zym Compu Trainer Ride

Jan 1 830am New Years Boot Camp

Preseason Perfection Run Program -Saturdays 8am starting Jan 4th Program will focus on being run prepared for 2020. The program will focus on being prepared for the Cary Half Marathon on March 15th but not a requirement. Along with the Sat 8am longer run and/or skill work will be during a weekly Tuesdays 845am and/or 630pm after a few weeks of the program conditioning. We are making sure you are really ready!

Drop 20-40

Tu Jan 7th 6pm

Do you know anyone ready to loose 20-40 POUNDS? If you are ready to lose 2-4 pounds a week for 10weeks, this program is for you. Designed with proven elements of weigh ins, body composition checks, food logging, calorie burn downloading(device that syncs with dotFIT system required), group support, private Facebook Group and review of dotFIT food & activity account. Day 1 you will receive dotFIT package of Multi-Vitamin, Lean MR & WheySmooth. If you have questions, contact staff before you register as space is limited.

Metabolic Testing

This testing is something I oversaw for 12yrs at TFP but are now choosing to contract it out so we can focus on training but it will continue to be a foundation of TFP coaching both Endurance Athletes & common fitness people looking to feel well and push off disease. A bonus, they offer a full body Dexascan to tell you your fat, muscle & bone levels in all areas of your body.

How it helps us: -we know HR zones are right -we know cal/min in each zone, loss over hours -we know what fuel you are losing and know need to maintain energy -we know what is the potential fat burning %, if below, the urgency to make change for to reduce fatigue, injury & bonking -we know the correlation to future health if low fat burning is the result

Here are the options we have set up for TFPers:

2 Months of Basic Training Plan + 2 Tests = $560 2 Months of Basic Nutrition Coaching + 2 Tests = $400 2 Personal Training Hour Sessions + 2 Tests = $270 Monthly Metabolic Clinic + 2 Tests = $220

Next Clinic is Dec 16th 5pm.

I will help get the test set up. Email me when is good for you.

Shop TFP Gear from home!!! -you can pick up at TFP or have it shipped to you -get geared up for outdoor training and racing -make sure your old still fits or isn’t worn out -bike & Tri shorts seem to last 2-3yrs so I bet it is time to experience a nice new padded butt!!

Click Here to shop

Training Plans

R U ready to get coached on what do do weekly in 2019 goals of a running race, bike event and/or TRI? TFP Coaches can help you do your first, a new PR, Qualify and/or trouble shoot past errors/injuries.

Training Plan includes: -use Training Peaks online systems premium account paid by TFP -free downloading of device -your schedule, goals & past are considered -unlimited email communication

Options for the service: $ 260 premium -plan laid out up to 2 weeks -unlimited phone -unlimited changes

$180 Basic -plan laid out up to 3 weeks -1 phone per month -1 change per month Coaches are ready to help you. Email me and I can help you get matched up,


TFPers get discounts on many items

Something Brewing-remind at check out(fyi they will know if you are lying as they workout at TFP)

M&M Cyclery-remind at checkout(fyi they will know if you are lying as they workout at TFP & Coaches work there)

Recovery Pump-email coach Matt to get code

Rudy Project-email coach Matt to get code

Xterra Wetsuits-email coach Matt to get code

Spri Products-email coach Matt to get code

dotFIT Home Shipping-set up account at


Here is your chance to be able to hear and see what you are doing with your swim stroke. Set up a session with staff for your video taping.

Fee is $80/hr

You get the files from the session.

Rentals can be done at TFP. This means you get use of the facility but without coaching STC Swim Lane-times will be posted on the Registration page. $15 per person per hour.

How they work-show up at your time, you get to use 1 lane, have suit, towel and goggles and you may use the timers Compu Trainer-options are when CT or Yoga is not happening and when staff is at TFP, which is most of the other hours. Email Matt to reserve a rental. $15 per person per hour

How they work-show up 10-15min before to set up, you get use of the room for 1hr, let coach know what type of terrain or wattage course you want, set up your bike, have fuel for your ride, after you have warmed up enough to calibrate, let coach know to calibrate you, calibrate, coach will start you and then clean up after yourself.

Treadmill-options for a treadmill on that not so nice day outside/you want to hit those pace intervals and when PT clients are not using the treadmills. Email Matt to request a time. $10 per person per hour

How they work- you get to use the treadmill for 1hr, you can use 1 or more fans if available, you can open door if reasonable, have fuel needed for run and clean up after yourself.


- Coach/Personal Trainer-1 needed

-Massage Therapist-1 needed

WE produce some amazing results together!

Contact Coach Matt if you are interested or know someone.

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