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  • 1. Where are we located?
    1186 E. Washington St Grayslake IL 60030 (Washington Square with Somethings Brewing, Wine Knows & Jimmy Johns across from the College of Lake County) (Click Here For Map)
  • 2. Do you only coach endurance or elite athletes?
    No, we work with people that are ready to pursue a goal, weight loss, race weight, performance, sport training and general fitness.
  • 3. How can I sign up for a CT class, Functional weights, group classes & etc?"
    At 9pm on the last night of the program any open spots will be open to anyone to register. About 1 week before the last night of the current session current registrants can sign up. New programs will be noted on News page for when registration opens(Tab to register from there is that possible?)
  • 4. What does pre-registration mean on the registration page?
    Only allowed for those in the current session.
  • 5. What is a training plan and how much does it cost? Why we are different than going on line and following a free one?
    The monthly or 3 month plans are going to consider all of you. Monthly will coach you along the way. Price range from $140-210
  • 6. Is there a membership fee?
    No. You use which service you want to help you reach your goal.
  • 7. How can I start working with a coach?
    Decide which coach matches up with your goals.
  • 8. Do you offer only one hour sessions, can I bring others to my session?"
    Session can be in 30min increments from 30min to as much as 8hrs. You can do individual, pair or small group up to 8.
  • 9. Do I need my own bike for CT?
    Yes. Road or Tri Bike and trainer rear quick release that is round.
  • 10. Does TFP have Yoga tools for class?
    Yes, TFP has mats, block and straps for you to use.
  • 11. If I sign up for a weekly Compu Trainer, Yoga or Functional Weights can I switch to day because person schedule issue?"
    No, you need to do your session or pay a drop in fee for the different class.
  • 12. Does TFP fix bikes?
    Yes, TFP has tools for tune ups, tire change, chain install, race prep, gear adjustments, etc.
  • 13. Does TFP have a shower?
    Yes, 1 in both Men’s and Women’s bathrooms.
  • 14. Are all ability levels welcome to all programs?
    No, Functional Weights requires some conditioning and strength and Running and TRI programs have minimum requirements. The rest of services and programs are open to all.
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