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Our Edge

TFP is not just any gym, personal training studio, or temporary facility.  Along with it’s educated, experienced, certified and highly performing staff, TFP offers technological tools that show you exactly what happens during your workout and the staff will design what you need to do next to reach your goals. The results of our clients speak for themselves with weight loss and performance improvements.

endless pools

TFP has 2 Dual Propulsion Endless Pools that will all ages, from 4-99 and all abilities, blowing bubbles to qualifying times. The Swim Training Center is 100ft away from the main studio. The coaches through individual sessions, group programs and clinic will teach you how to swim to meet your goals with mirror at all angles, video taping below and above water and adjustable speeds from no flow to as fast as 1.05/100yr pace.


ElliptiGO has been around for many years offering a low impact running options. Contact TFP to set up your free demo or rental. Rental Fee is $20/hr or $80/day. Purchasing your own ElliptiGo from The Fitness Pursuit is also can option. See ElliptiGO website for details & options.


We see it offering a lot:

  • Low Impact Outside Option

  • Runners-extra hours and/or  maintain fitness while you can’t run

  • Higher than bike calorie burn

  • 1 size fits most

  • Merger of gap of fitness buddy unable to run as fast or can bike faster than

recovery AIR recovery boots

Using them helps! The system gradually fills from foot to upper thigh to push out build up and then releases to allow blood to flush through. This repeats over and over for the duration of your session.


Here are the applications:

  • Before a Massage- 15-30min before your massage, the Recovery Boots will allow your body to bewarmed up, lose and have less edema to make for an efficient & more effective massage

  • Before a workout- 15-30min before a workout will reduce the warmup time that often is needed  by warming up the legs and flushing out post workout build up

  • After a massage- 15-30min will help you flush out the toxins that often build up after the massage and lead to soreness

  • After a workout- 20-30min will help you flush out the toxins and edema that build up and delay recovery leading to reduced quality and number of good of workouts

  • Middle of day- 40-60min in the middle of the day will help your recovery from the last workout. Your body has built up toxins and edema from your workouts, limiting what you can do in the future


  • 75’s=5’0″-4’7″

  • 85′s= 5’9″-4’10″

  • 95′s= 6’2″-5’4″

  • 105’s=6’5″-5’11”

    $100/8 weeks unlimited use

Appointments are currently made through Coach Matt. Please email him with your size and time request. An online scheduler is coming very soon!!


Exercise Metabolic Rate

Determine current heart rate training zones and fuel efficiency. The EMR assessment can be done on a bike or a treadmill and will answer the following questions:

  • How many calories  you burn while exercising

  • How well  you burn fat (for performance or weight loss goals)

  • How should you train to meet your future goals

  • How should you train in order to prevent injuries and bonking

What is an EMR Assessment?

It’s an exercise test, routinely done on Olympic and professional athletes, which helps maximize your performance. The cardiovascular system’s ability to utilize fuel will be measured by the assessment. Individual Heart Rate Training Zones can be determined from the test. Heart rate training zones are established for recovery periods, endurance training, and intense training. These zones are based on the client’s/athlete’s fitness level and genetics, not on age and gender.

How is EMR measured? 

You can either run on a treadmill, use an elliptical, or use your bike on a trainer. This assessment usually lasts around 10 – 15 minutes depending on the individual. The sterile mask, purchased with the EMR assessment, is yours to keep for future assessments.

What do I get with the assessment?

A detailed and highly accurate report of the status of your cardiovascular fitness as well as your training zones will be compiled immediately after the assessment. This data is useful for 6-12 weeks as fitness increases. A personalized workout routine in the form of a personalized training plan can then be designed based on the EMR results.

Resting Metabolic Rate

Nutrition and physical exercise are two key components of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Understanding your resting metabolism can help you manage your caloric requirements along with exercising. The RMR assessment will help you understand:

  • How many calories  you burn at rest

  • How many calories  you should consume to lose, gain, or maintain a healthy weight

  • How many calories  you should eat while exercising

What is the Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment?

Your RMR or resting metabolic rate represents the calories your body uses to maintain vital body functions (heart rate, brain function, breathing). In simple terms, it is the number of calories a person would burn if awake, but at rest, all day without any activity or exercise.

How is RMR measured? 

It is a simple assessment lasting about 10 minutes which involves breathing into a sterile mask while your oxygen consumption is measured. The higher your resting metabolic rate, the more calories you burn. This test is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your current nutrition and exercise program. No more averages or guessing about how many calories you should consume, since estimates could be off by 500 calories above or below your actual need.

What do I get with the assessment?

Your results are immediate and include the following:

  • How many calories you burn at rest

  • Rating of your metabolism as normal, slow, or fast

  • Guidelines to assist you in reaching your goal weight


Whether your goal is activity at a high altitude or low or you only care about feeling good, training the body with altitude without traveling or living in Colorado can be hard. The Fitness Pursuit Studio has the Hypoxico Altitude Training System to help you reach your goals. Adaptations the body produces is a higher VO2 Max, improved filtration, greater fuel storing, recovery improvement and reduced fatigue. For more information see the Altitude Training page.

compu trainer

Determine your biking efficiency and improve cycling performance on your own bike. Scheduling a session can help you:

  • Determine proper bike setup/fit for maximum cycling power

  • Improve technique through computerized SpinScan options and coach feedback

  • Understand how you gear your bike, and what you can do to improve gearing

  • Fit in a cycling workout while weather conditions are adverse or not to your liking

Cost: $80 in Studio for an individual session


BC-1000 ANT+ Radio Wireless Body Composition Monitor with Computer Monitoring System is used to assess and track your progress with weight, fat, hydration and lean mass. We can help you understand how your weight management is going. This is best paired with a Personal Training session to assess your body composition with skinfold calipers.

Blood analysis

TFP offers it’s clients very in-depth assessment of either an Endurance or Wellness Profile that has been designed by a physician that specializes in working with people like us. You will see if your body is getting what it needs from your food and supplement plan. This service is offered a few times a year and will be listed on the News Page along with being emailed out to TFPers.

Cost- $65  (Dr. office value of $500)

power plate vibration platform training

TFP has two platforms. Vibration training causes instability in the body. As a result, your muscles automatically contract at the same rate of vibration to regain stability, working more muscles in less time.  The platform is also use for stretching. When you stretch using vibration you will be able to go considerably further. With a regular regime you will see a difference in your range of motion. Non-invasive massage is also another use. You can  put your body on the platform, like calves, quads, hamstrings, glute and ITB and use the vibration to give a massage at the pressure and vibration desired. You can read more here.

TFP is apart of the Ironman Triclub Program.
We get points for our races and incentives that will be shared with our athletes.
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