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Compu Trainer

compu trainer group rides

These indoor biking sessions take up to eight riders through a seasonally appropriate workout. You will be coached on cadence, heart rate, power shifting and technique. Although you will be asked to work very hard at times, the option of adapting your effort to your particular training goal is always available. You must bring your own road bike, shoes, bike clothing, and fuel. Group rides are scheduled in six week sessions and take place at the TFP Studio. Check the schedule for upcoming sessions and prices!

*Drop-ins welcome, but please contact TFP in advance to check availability. $20 payment must be brought to the session.

compu trainer individual service

TFP offers individual sessions on the Compu Trainer.

These sessions can have multiple purposes:

  • Bike Fit- adjust your bike where it needs to be to feel right and produce the highest power

  • Pedal Stroke Analysis-assess if your pedal stroke is efficient and how you can improve it with adjustments in bike fit and/or focus

  • Gearing-understanding how to adjust your gears to maintain power and cadence for efficient riding

  • Performance-your coach designs a workout to improve your ability

Cost $80

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