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USAT TRI Nationals, Why Not?

As the 2019 summer comes to an end, many are planning out 2020. If you haven't heard USAT TRI Nationals are coming to Milwaukee in 2020. With many regions in the US, it may be rare, if not ever again to be with in 50mile as they tend to rotate regions and with in the regions. You can race Sprint and/or Olympic Distance TRI.

Click HERE for details on the event and how to qualify:


Now to be one of the top in your age group may sound hard, but you have seen TFPers and TFP Yearly projects deliver this many times. Here is your list to figure out where you can improve:

-Body Composition- is fat level to high, is muscle too low or is muscle level too high

-Injury- are you currently injured or have you been injured often

-Functional- are you stable, strong, coordinated, etc

-Technique- how could your swim/bike/run improve by how you move

-Intensity- are you training as hard as you need to race and improve your speed

-Mental- are you conditioned to going hard and understanding of how to handle the race

-Gear- is your gear reasonable to go fast enough, mostly a bike


Obviously TFP Coaching can help you with:

-Training Plan

-Nutrition Coaching

-Personal Coaching Sessions

-Group Programs-TRI, Run, Swim, Bike, Weights & Yoga