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Planning Your Training

Working out most day, getting intensity sometimes, lifting weights, doing yoga, etc are all common weekly sessions yes, but how you organize your effort in the week and month determines your future. Many think, as long as they show up it will be good enough. But what if what you are doing is increasing your risk of injury or gaining weight? 

Yes, if you keep pushing week after week or too much in a week your risk or injury goes up. After about 5 weeks of pushing week after week the body is likely to breakdown on an extreme level and a major injury is likely.

Yes, if you keep pushing you are likely to gain weight. The constant stress hormone productions will be very challenge to deal with. The common result is eating more to give the body energy.

Then, heck, if you are going to put in all those hours, why not gain performance. Could you be moving faster with proper organization to your training? Almost always yes!

You can do this on your own or with a TFP Coach. Common practice is looking at races planned, past performance, past response to training and schedule you have for workouts and life. About every 3rd week, the common practice is a recovery week where you do a little less mileage and intensity. The intensity should be managed so you can work hard but yet recover to do other training. The taper or lightening up your training before a race is dependent on race goal and past experience to what allows you to feel strong on race day to perform. TFP Coaches can help you with the Training Plan service or in a Personal Training session to help you work through this process.