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January 18, 2020

Race & Healthy Weight




So much is said about race weight, but what about the inverse to the extreme. Over 22years of Personal Training I can think of 3 racers that started to take brining their race weight down too far. But over those years I have seen more than 10x's that slide in their weight and more importantly, their health. Yes, you can gain weight in the off season or in a year where you aren't racing with aggressive goals. But when your health slides with illness, injury & mental state, when is enough, enough? Who is going to say something, your training partner, your coach, your spouse, your kids, your co-workers.....Or shouldn't you have an amount of weight gain allowed, number of illnesses in a whole year, injuries in a whole year, how many workouts you miss for any reason and/or when your mental status is below a 7 of 10?

TFP Coaches can help with either extreme, or any level of goal. When you are ready, we can help you look the past, where you are now, the future goals and help you layout the plan to take the steps toward it. We could do this with Personal Training sessions and/or Training Plan services.

Over the years, please put together a team and plan to keep you from falling out of range. This will likely change over the years so keep committed to keeping this organized. 



  January Specials


$45=Race Weight Evaluation= Complete Body Composition Analysis + Performance Evaluation + Strength Evaluation + Future Goal Setting*