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Weight Management Strategies

TFP Coaches has been successfully helping clients manage their weight for a long time. We use the current science and phycology along with the understanding of the different clients we are presented with.

On the calorie burn side of the equation, the recommendations differ depending if you have a performance goal soon or if pur weight loss is desired. If you are looking to race soon, you need to be mindful of how well you are recovering and if you are hitting outputs you need/want to race to your goals. So gradually lowering your weight, watching recovery symptoms and metrics in your workouts is important. Then if you are looking to drop weight as your main goal, you will want to set the weight per week you want to drop and then work on hitting that calorie burn level per day so you can have enough deficit. The higher the weight loss per week goal will usually require more low level burns so you don't empty yourself out with too intense of a burn. Then to complicate this side of the equation, taking into account what your muscle mass is and how you feel about it matters. If you think you have too much, then you may run more of the risky path of trying to cannibalize it with wearing workout sessions and not too much resistance training but if you want to keep it and set a foundation for the future having resistance training during the week on a regular basis and not too much wearing out in your sessions would be wise.


Now for the usually confusing calorie intake side. Again it depends on your goal of performance or pure weight loss. In general neither should eat below their resting metabolic rate. Then if you still want to perform you need to keep the carbs high enough to handle the intensity of your training and protein enough to aid repair, usually 1gram/pound of body weight all while keeping the calories in just below the burn which will take some serious accuracy and monitoring. For the person that wants to drop weight, they will want to be 500cal per day deficit for each pound they want to loose per week. If maintaining your muscle level is a concern with either goal you will want to get the 1g/lb but if the calories are a bit high then adding AminoBoost can help you drop the cal but get the recovery benefit of the protein component along with some hormone help from Leptin that will help keep you full if consumed away from a meal.

To help shift through all of this, please consult with TFP Coaching Staff!