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Why did you start?

How many years ago did you really start? Really think back, why did that first day happen? Over the years we have seen many start and they share their motivating story with us. We have seen some common reasons. Many are inspired by someone they see that are near them. It could be a spouse, family or friend that passes the confidence to suceed. Some are invited to try or join a class, go lift weights togehter or go for a jog. Some finally feel they have time from kids, school, work, etc to get back to themselves. Lastly the scarest, some are told they better now as their healthy is getting in the danger level.

Whatever the reason, it often is inspired by someone that had the courage to care to support their journey beginnings. When they are ready, they often let you in. But in some cases, someone may need a little push. How could you help someone take the first step?





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