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Dreaming of Speed

Speed or going fast in the swim, bike or run doesn't just happen because you want it or register for races. Speed it developed by effort in many aspects of your behaviors:

-Maintaining Race Weight/Body Composition-if you don't have the right amount of muscle or too much fat speed either can't be created or will be hard to maintain

-Practicing Fast- in your sport and resistance training you need to go really fast, not just hard,

-Go Easy-if you get caught trying to get a good workout or keeping up too often you will be tired, hungry and not practice really fast well

-Eat Clean- too much junk in your diet will challenge your recovery, limit your neurological system and could inflame you

-Sleep Enough-all systems and tissue need the chance to repair, recover and refuel for the next training

-Train Enough-both yearly and weekly repetition needs to happen to master the skill and create resilience to breakdown during training




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