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Feeding Your Fear 

As you set your sights on new goals and training sessions, if your fear getting the best of you, resulting in losing your self control with food? Are you making sure every mitochondria in your muscles is at its' max carb stores?


This can lead to many problems:

-GI distress



-addition to push over and over


-sleep problems



-weight gain


Now how to you fight this common cycle? First is your goal fair to where you are and where you have been? Make sure the goal is within you and can keep you engaged but overstressed. Second, look at your ability to recover in your training week, month and year. Is your training plan allowing you stress to make progress but also rest to make progress. It is a fine balance. Lastly, are you adjusting your meals during th week so you can have good workouts when you need the fuel but then bringing the refueling down to balance the stress from fueling.



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2 Metabolic Tests(Resting or Exercise) + 1 Month of Basic Nutrition Coaching= $250

WHY, lets make sure you are eating & exercising to burn fat well.*