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2018 seems to be leading to a Fatter TFP. Yes, I said it. On purpose, the programming backed off of pushing getting to a lower race weight. Partially to see what the end result would be and partial a sense that motivation to get coached was less. Could you be healthier? I sense not as many gain from behaviors that don't support health and injury prevention. Focusing on keeping weight down seems to lead to more consistent behaviors that allow you to workout well, not get sick and not get injured.

Now in 2019, what are we going to do and why? We will be getting back to Elite Body Comp Weight Loss Program, Drop 20-40, Body Fat Testing, Metabolic Testing and aligning goals with weight management, behaviors & races. We want to see you race healthier, be healthier long term and be higher excited & motivated to go faster than you have. Now, talk with TFP staff on how to get started for your goals. Metabolic Testing and/or Body Fat Testing is a great way to start. Now, watch around you as TFPers transform and the positive energy becomes contagious!



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