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Helping Others

As we focus on ourselves, we are helping others. The modeling, decisions and support you provide flows into many around you. I bet you don't even know them all! But, is all of this passive positiveness strong enough to fight against the challenges many face and negative influences?


Do you hear people reaching out for help? Do you hear them asking to be invited? Do you hear them asking to be given motivation? With their small talk and commending you for your efforts is often an invite to talk more about their goals and how you can advise them. Can you take it one step farther by inviting them to join you for a workout, come to a training session, do a drop in in your class, do a race with you or meet for lunch? A little of your time could go a long ways for their future.  The interesting thing is, as they start succeeding, I bet they motivate you to continue and make your daily decision easier.


Now on a larger scale, do you influence groups with what food and activity they provide. I bet if you asked yourself if this was a large group of TFPers, would they want that food or would they appreciate this activity, if no is the answer then why are you providing this for teachers, family members, friends, neighbors, etc. Isn't the end result better? Stand up, ask the questions, make the suggestions and provide positive.






$50= Get Someone New Started

-3 30min Personal Training Sessions


-5 Program Drop Ins**