April 2018

Thank You for 10 Years

10 years ago as we transitioned TFP to a facility there was a lot of excitement. We had the help in so many ways from TFPers. TFP was truly build by TFP! So fitting, as that is our belief, that staff and athletes all work together to create some special.

Over the years many have been with us from day 1 and many came soon after. Thank you for entrusting in us for your goals!

As a small business, we get asked all the time to market in many forms. We know our best form of marketing is keeping you happy and working on your goals. Thank you for the many referrals!

Each year we seem to add to our facility and offerings. Our staff and athletes have given us much feedback to evolve. Thank you for your guidance!

Something that we feel really shows your trust. When our athletes bring their children in for services, we feel your trust and confidence and take it very serious. Thank you for trusting us with their development.

Now as we move forward, we have a lot of possible ideas to continue to positively affect our community but we will never forget the past. Thank you for joining us!



Every 5 Hours of Personal Training Sessions you buy you get 1 Free Hour**


$10 for 1 of each of the $2 dotFIT Bars to celebrate our 10years. Great for kids lunch and to hold you over until meal time. Offer expires if product runs out so get yours now**

**Check or cash only

Register for clinics here

Fueling Endurance Training & Racing Clinic Sat April 7th 830am Clinic will discuss how to fuel different duration and intensity training sessions and racing with hydration, electrolyte, calories, caffeine and the many options.

Runners Prehab Clinic Tue April 10th 730pm Clinic will discuss the common injuries of runners and the training you can do to lower your risk of developing them

Youth Swim Clinic- New to swimming Sat April 14th 2pm Clinic is designed for the newbie, the youth that has never done swim lessons. The clinic will introduce the young swimmer to water, basic skills, discussion on how to improve swim ability and feedback to the parent & swimmer on how they can improve.

Adult Swim Technique Improvement Clinic Sat April 28th 830am & 930am 2 options Proper Technique improves speed & confidence. We will work on common technique issue. You will have many items to work on!

Road Biking 101

Saturdays May 5th-26th 8:30am

This clinic will help you understand the rules of the roads, safety, equipment, shifting, turning, braking, riding with others and pacing. Must have a safe bike and helmet.

- 2018Programs -

Clinics for many goals

NEW Gatorade options. Single servings powder, 3 Endurance Powders, many gel and chew flavors

Coaches can now use a device on the swimmer called Coach Communicator by Finis to talk to the swimmer through her phone Ap .

Shop TFP Gear from home!!! -you can pick up at TFP or have it shipped to you -get geared up for outdoor training and racing -make sure your old still fits or isn’t worn out -bike & Tri shorts seem to last 2-3yrs so I bet it is time to experience a nice new padded butt!!

Click Here to shop

Bike Hook Available April 1 $15/month 1st contact me gets it. Matt@thefitnesspursuit.com

TFP night @ M&M Cycles in Mundelein

Sat April 14th 4-6pm UPDATE -Major Product/Bike Representatives!!!! -extra staff -TFP Staff onsite -special discounts= 10-20% off bikes & product ONLY FOR TFPers -product demos

FREE BIKE Rides from TFP April 15th-830am Road Ride 19th-10am Trail Ride 20th-5pm FAMILY Trail Ride 22nd-830am Road Ride 28th-2pm Trail Ride 29th-830am Road Ride

Road & Trail Ride are open to all abilities. Route will be suggested. You can do the effort you want to.

Family Trail Ride is open to all ages as long as they can ride 5miles. Plan to ride from TFP to Rollins Savanna for a lap and back.

​YOUTH Sessions


8th-530pm Run & Weights 13th-5pm Compu Trainer 22nd-5pm Run & Weights 29th-6pm Run & Swim

Super Summer Speed


8:45am & 6pm

April 3- September 25

Proven results! Program will be laid out systematically to increase running pace with various speed workouts like fartleks, intervals, hills and tempo. Program will include weekly running suggestions to work toward season goal. All levels are encouraged to sign up. Must be able to run 4miles. Will have 8:45am option to do either it or 6pm each week on Tue.

TRI Training Program



April 7- August 4

Designed for those who are trying to go fast, ready for intense sessions and for those that appreciate experienced coaches finding more ability in them. Workouts will vary from single sport, to brick workouts and will vary location not too far from TFP. All abilities are encouraged. Must be able to swim 5min non stop, have a road or TRI bike and be able to run 4miles.

I-Can-TRI Program



June 16- July 14

Designed for those who are trying to complete their first TRI and/or are still new to the sport. Program will help you feel prepared and conditioned enough for race day.Workouts will vary from single sport, to brick workouts and will vary location not too far from TFP. Program will prepare you for the Wauconda Sprint TRI on July 22. Each week will have a workout and education items. A weekly training plan will be provided. Goggles, swimsuit, bike, helmet and new running shoes are required.

Super Open Water Swim Speed



May 20-August 5

All swim abilities welcomed. Program will be structured like Super Summer Speed run program.

Competitive Running

Boys Tue 10am

Girls Thur 10am


June 3- Aug 7

Program will consist of outside run intervals, treadmill run intervals, resisted running with tire & parachute, agility, core, functional resistance training, stretching and foam rolling. Program is for serious athletes, not beginners. Athlete must be involved in a sport that requires running. They need to be running 2-3x's a week on their own, eating well to perform & recover, have outdoor running shoes & clothing, have inside only running shoes and clothing and be ready to be challenged weekly! Designed for ages 11-17. 1st 2 meetings will be 5pm on June 3rd & 10th. 1 parent must attend June 3rd session.


TFPers get discounts on many items

Something Brewing-remind at check out(fyi they will know if you are lying as they workout at TFP)

M&M Cyclery-remind at checkout(fyi they will know if you are lying as they workout at TFP & Coaches work there)

Recovery Pump-email coach Matt to get code

Rudy Project-email coach Matt to get code

Xterra Wetsuits-email coach Matt to get code

Spri Products-email coach Matt to get code

dotFIT Home Shipping-set up account at www.dotfit.com


Here is your chance to be able to hear and see what you are doing with your swim stroke. Set up a session with staff for your video taping.

Fee is $80/hr

You get the files from the session.

Rentals can be done at TFP. This means you get use of the facility but without coaching STC Swim Lane-times will be posted on the Registration page. $15 per person per hour.

How they work-show up at your time, you get to use 1 lane, have suit, towel and goggles and you may use the timers Compu Trainer-options are when CT or Yoga is not happening and when staff is at TFP, which is most of the other hours. Email Matt to reserve a rental. $15 per person per hour

How they work-show up 10-15min before to set up, you get use of the room for 1hr, let coach know what type of terrain or wattage course you want, set up your bike, have fuel for your ride, after you have warmed up enough to calibrate, let coach know to calibrate you, calibrate, coach will start you and then clean up after yourself.

Treadmill-options for a treadmill on that not so nice day outside/you want to hit those pace intervals and when PT clients are not using the treadmills. Email Matt to request a time. $10 per person per hour

How they work- you get to use the treadmill for 1hr, you can use 1 or more fans if available, you can open door if reasonable, have fuel needed for run and clean up after yourself.


- Coach/Personal Trainer-1 needed

WE produce some amazing results together!

Contact Coach Matt if you are interested or know someone.

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