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Possibly the most important behavior for ANY GOAL! So many problems come from being low on hydration and so much great can happen when hydrated well.

When you are low, you are more likely to be hungry, tired, tight, challenged to high intensity, more heat sensitive and greater risk of GI distress.

Here are some symptoms to watch for:

-low body weight 

-drop in weight & elevated body fat on scale

-tired when you wake up

-tired during the day



-delayed bowel movement

-dark urine

-not going to the bathroom for hours


If you weigh yourself often, you will be able to see when to adjust and see what causes it. Here are some common lowering hydration items:

-high sweat rate in workout

-not drinking in a workout

-high salt food

-high carb food

-high sugar food




Now, when this gets low enough, you may end up in real trouble. In a workout, you will endure much more stress and could induce injury. During the day you will not recover as well and could get injury. Often if training isn't that stressful, you won't get injured, you will get ill.