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Potential Planning


At what point can you reach your potential? Mastery has been studied at 10,000 hours for adults but faster as a youth. Both are dependent on how many years you spread this out.


But are you truly reaching the best you can be? There are a few ways you can evaluate this. Take a look at performance in your age group across the whole US for events. Where are you behind in what is possible. Then it will be up to you to decide what components of your weekly routine and body you can adjust to get there. Take a look at your hours, intensity, nutrition, range of motion, strength, etc.


It may take getting outside counseling from teammates and coaches. They probably elements of you and can evaluate where you can improve.


If you are going to train every week and care about it, why not train right to produce your best? Especially if it is the same amount of time. Then the small percentages that add up with body care through out the day away from your workouts. Every 1% will add up to minutes in most races.



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