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If your strong, your body performs so much better. If you want to go faster in your sport, strength relative to your weight determines most of your speed you can carry for the time of the sport from a typical ball sport all the way to a marathon.

Also if you are strong, you typically have to train both specific movements for the sport and complimentary movements. So this would include during your sport near max effort for about 30-45 seconds and doing a core exercise for similar time, usually about 12 repetitions at a challenging intensity.

All the training can be challenged by inadequate nutrients. The body needs enough water to allow soft tissue to have low resistance in motion. Enough carbohydrates need to be replaced & available for training to take place and recovery to happen.  Regular protein consumption, up to your body’s lean mass amount in grams of protein, will aid in repair along with maintaining as you age. Creatine has been found to be very impactful  in aiding in the strength of the body, especially in short duration activity which then will lead to a higher speed you can produce. So many other nutrients from high quality foods like vegetables and from your multi vitamin will help all the way down to the cellular level to aid in recovery and workout performance.







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