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Endurance sports, fitness, etc takes focus, time and many volunteers. Think of over the years how many people you have come across that give their time to help you get where you are. If their efforts would have not happened would you be in the better place that you are today?

Here are some ways you can give back:

Training Buddy-is there someone you can help get started, support their new goal, sit down & chat, etc so they can see how to take the next steps toward their goal

Program Volunteer-is there a youth or adult program near you that can support those starting in their journey

Race committee- is there a race near to you or of interest to you where you can commit to the planning process to help give those interested a goal to tackle

Race volunteer-almost all races relay on others volunteer time from set up, aid stations, registration, packet pick up, food tent, on course pacing, on course mentoring, clean up and so much more

If we all take some time for others, the world can continue to see positive events for us all!








Bike Tune Up= $40*

Lets make sure your bike is working in Compu Trainer and/or outside.



Jumpstart Box of Protein Bars + dotFIT Lean MR + dotFIT Multi-Vit = $70*